Rapheal’s Barbeque & Grill Serves Nontraditional Dishes

More than a dozen competitors from across the Northwest participated in the third annual Bash, hosted by the Moses Lake Business Association. The local crew from Schmiggitty Sauce stayed overnight Saturday in downtown Moses Lake and started cooking for the competition at 1 a.m. Sunday. Dan Ogden, owner of Schmiggity Sauce on West Broadway Avenue, said he was very nervous in the company’s first crack at a barbeque competition. The secret is in the sauce for Ogden, who said the product comes from an old family recipe from the co-owner Matt Cunkle, who started the business back in Pennsylvania. The booth was busy both Saturday and Sunday for Ogden and his business partner Brandon Tatum, who was handing out samples of pulled pork and brisket with the original, garlic and hot versions of the sauce. The group came away with second place for People’s Choice chili. Ron Piercy, from Piercy Farms in Moses Lake, came back for a second year of competition, cooking in a 500-gallon homemade barbeque. Like Ogden and Tatum, Piercy started cooking early Sunday morning, competing with barbeque professionals, many of whom will be competing in the national competition in November in Las Vegas. Piercy didn’t come away with any awards, but likely had the most unique component under his tent. Combined with junk metal and parts from old John Deere combines, Piercy built an industrial sized cooker that would likely cost more than $10,000 to buy new.
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It wasn’t mentioned on the menu, but the quail had been smoked with a spicy-hot rub that we were told included cayenne pepper and Middle Eastern and Asian spices. It packed some punch. Among our sides were corn on the cob, a flavorful double-baked potato salad with a mayo base, thick and meaty baked beans and a fresh side salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber. A signature appetizer has been Pickled Pig ($6.99) in which length-wise slices of dill pickle have been inserted into sliced, smoked hot links, which then are wrapped in bacon. First comes the heat, then the coolness of the pickle, then the saltiness of the bacon, and it’s quite go here now a treat. The ribs are short, St. Louis style and hold firmly to the bone. Other smoked meats include brisket (sliced or chopped), pulled pork, bologna, Polish sausage and hot link. Jacob said he is working on “sushi-cue” in which smoked meats will be employed to create the sushi dishes. “The sauce will be a mix of soy, wasabi and barbecue,” he said.
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