Madonna Wears A Gold Grill On The Cover Of ‘harper’s Bazaar’

As mature as Chipotle may seem with more than 1,500 locations worldwide, analysts see it growing at a 16% clip this year and again in 2014. That’s fast, but there are a few chains that are growing even faster. Let’s go over five chains that primarily through expansion and acquisitions are growing faster than both Chipotle and Potbelly. Company 20% Source: Yahoo! Finance. Noodles & Co. stirred up Chipotle comparisons when it went public this summer. Just like Potbelly, the pasta and noodle shop has seen its recent offering more than double since going public in the teens. The rally may not seem fair. Chipotle was growing a lot faster than Noodles at this stage in the burrito roller’s life cycle.
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(Youre unlikely to outlive your assets if you have 25 times your salary set aside in your nest egg. Not so much with 10 times. Read How much should you save for retirement? , and How to find financial advice you can trust . At a minimum, you want your adviser to discuss how they will make sure that you maintain your desired standard of living throughout your retirement. Using a systematic withdrawal plan might work if you have sufficient assets and low expenses. But it might not work if you dont have sufficient assets and high expenses. By the way, few advisers are in a position to say that using a systematic withdrawal plan will mitigate the risk of longevity, of outliving your assets, unless youre as rich as Warren Buffett. Also beware those advisers who avoid using products and strategies (say income annuities, bond ladders, or Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) that might be in your best interest, but not in the best interest of the adviser. To be fair, the reasons why an adviser might not use this or that strategy or product are many.
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Grill your adviser about retirement income

Does this mean that mouth jewels have officially received a nod of approval from the prestigious fashion mag? Well, I guess it is the Daring Issue .” And this is MADONNA. The only way this metal-mouth #FASHUN statement could be made any more daring by the 55-year-old Queen of Pop is if it included a death-defying motorcycle jump across the Grand Canyon. Madonna in ‘Harper’s BAZAAR.’ Photo: Terry Richardson for Harper’s BAZAAR Along with her gold and diamond-plated grill, Madge rocks a leather and lace bustier and a ton of gold accessories on the cover of next month’s Harper’s. Like, ALL of the gold accessories. There are gold chest plates on said bustier, a Y-shaped gold chain necklace, multiple gold rings, a gold cuff, a gold bracelet, gold nails, a gold Roman wreath headband, a gold shoulder piece. So. Much. Gold. Inside the mag, her Madgesty, who was provocatively shot by Terry Richardson , continues to embrace the S&M steez that all the cool kids are into these days*ahem* Britney , Rihanna with belts and harnesses, lots more leather, fishnet tights, a multi-strapped corset and some VERY serious thigh-high boots. Oh, and a chain mail mask.
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Ker’s WingHouse Bar & gas grill reviews Grill Joins the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer

(Logo: ) “Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill has a strong, philanthropic culture and, over the last two decades, we’ve partnered with dozens of local charities throughout Florida to help bring attention to and raise funds for their causes,” said Crawford Ker, CEO and founder of Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill. “By aligning with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, we hope to raise more than $100,000 to help fight pediatric cancer. We hope guests will donate one dollar to help support the world’s littlest patients.” Guests will have the option to add a donation to their check on all dine-in and takeout orders. Since its inception, WingHouse’s mission has been to be “Brilliant on the Basics.” A full liquor sports bar, fantastic chicken wings and award-winning hot sauces served up by the famous WingHouse Girls, set the restaurants apart from the competition. Emphasizing fresh products over frozen, WingHouse’s oversized portions and classic American fare include other signature items such as skinless drumettes, naked wings, the Dallas burger and a new drink menu. To locate the nearest Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill restaurant, visit . For more information about the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, visit . About Ker’s WingHouse Ker’s WingHouse is a sports bar style restaurant serving their World Famous chicken wings, award-winning sauces and many other oversized entrees at a great value. Signature items include their skinless naked wings, the Dallas burger and a new drink menu. The main attractions are the World Famous WingHouse Girls who are always polite and always-smiling with a great positive outlook on life.The WingHouse mission is to be “Brilliant on the Basics,” in our business that means highly satisfied guests!Need we say more! Today, WingHouse has 22 locations throughout Florida.
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